Sir: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (” Dear Phoolan Devi”, 20 October 1994) rubbishes India with such sweeping phrases as ”a country that continues to deny women any humanity, any rights, any will”. Most Indian men do not go about torturing and terrorising women, nor do Indian women fit her stereotype of downtrodden human beings. Millions happily live domesticated lives, bringing up families. This might not strike Ms Alibhai-Brown as contentment, but here in the West these values are increasingly appreciated.

Phoolan Devi is deeply religious; she fought injustice and did not see it as a war of sexes or caste war. Ms Alibhai-Brown is best advised to show her daughter the other India-an India with a glorious history, tolerance and spirituality

Yours faithfully,

Indian Cultural Centre
Croydon, Surrey.

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