28 September 2004

Respect for Britain

Sir: Richard Askwith raises some important issues in his piece ” The moral minefield” (27 September). As someone of Indian origin who settled in this country from Kenya, I believe that the liberal tendency to defend any ethnic minority unquestioningly actually does great harm to the minorities in the long run.

Those who chose to make this country their home should be prepared to respect its institutions and be positive in accepting all that is best in this society. To understand and imbibe the norms and nuances of the host society is essential for successful integration. This does not however mean that one has to abandon one’s cultural heritage. Our loyalties should be firmly be with this country and the host society should not feel threatened in any way. The same would and should apply to English immigrants in Spain.

To close our eyes to what is wrong and intolerant for the sake of political correctness is to jeopardise and devalue the liberal ethos.

Croydon, Surrey

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