Jonathan Freedland’s piece regarding the embracing of Christmas by Britain’s other faiths and cultures is spot-on (My family used to ignore Christmas, but not this year, 21 December). The Hindu religion, he observes, has always had an all-embracing approach to the customs of other faiths. It is due to this catholic approach that persecuted faiths like Zoroastrians and Baha’is have found a safe home in India, as have Jewish people, who have lived in India for centuries. Hindus believe all paths to God are valid and this approach has meant that they have never persecuted or waged wars against those of other faiths. In the UK, here in Croydon we have been organising a Christmas lunch for the local community for the past 33 years. Peace in the world will only be achieved when we begin to respect and accept other paths to God. The truth Lord Buddha observed can be arrived at from different angles.

Nitin Mehta

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