Shrimad-Bhagvatam, one of the most sacred texts of India was compiled 5000 years ago at the beginning of the age of Kali or Kali Yuga. Shrimad Bhavatam foretold the appearance of Lord Buddha over 2,600 years ago. It also foretold the appearance of Nanda, Mayura and Chandragupta dynasties. All these dynasties have been recorded in modern history. While Western scholars may not acknowledge the fact that a civilisation can be hundreds of thousands of years old, Shrimad Bhavatam, Ramayan and Mahabharat are ample proof that Sanatan Dharma which means eternal religion is truly eternal! According to Shrimad Bhavatam this age the Kali Yuga will last 432,000 years of which only 5.000 have passed so far! The earlier ages of Satyuga, Tretayga and Dwaparyuga were of even longer duration. Lord Rama was the 18th incarnation of God. The Ramayan (story of Lord Rama) mentions a man made bridge from Rameswaram Island in the south-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India to Mannar Island in the north-west coast of Sri Lanka. Recent images from NASA have confirmed that there is a man made bridge and they have dated it around 1,750,000 years old! Ramayan describes well planned cities and even an air plane that brought Rama and his wife Sita back to their capital city of Ayuodhya. Known as the Aryan people Rama’s descendants had established kingdoms as far as present day Ethiopia. Sanskrit the language of the Aryans is known as the mother of Indo-European languages. Calculation of Time in Hindu scriptures is unfathomable for Western minds! One Kalpa for example is 4.32 billion years. It is believed one Kalpa is a day of Brahma the creator of the universe!  According to Shrimad Bhavatam in Satyayuga people lived up to 100,000 years, in the Treta Yuga they used to live up to 10,000 years, in the Dwapar Yuga they lived up to 1,000 years and in the present Kali Yuga they will be lucky to live up to 100 years! Remember this was foretold 5000 years ago! King Dashrath father of Lord Rama ruled for 60,000 years and Lord Rama performed the Agnihotra Yagna a spiritual ceremony for 13,000 years uninterrupted. The world’s oldest and living civilisation which was the cradle of human civilisation has received little or no acknowledgement by Western scholars. However truth will eventually triumph, a total revaluation of spiritual India is inevitable!

Nitin Mehta
March 2018

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