Letter to the Guardian.
Dear Editor
Your editorial, ‘ Modi’s mistakes; a pandemic that is out of control'(Friday 23) seems to have released a long suppressed hatred towards prime minister Modi. At the best of times this vast country is difficult to rule you pronounce. Ever since the British left 67 years, India has remained a vibrant democracy and has managed to become one of the world’s biggest economic powers. You go ballistic by saying India is a living hell. Only a few months ago the UK was recording one of the highest death rates in the world, never heard the Guardian saying it was a living hell.
You talk about avoidable deaths in India, is it not the same here, could we too not have avoided over 134,000 deaths? Is there not something about this virus that is so deadly? You ridicule the idea of India being the world’s pharmacy and yet it is a matter of pride for Indian’s that the country provided the vaccines to many smal and poor countries. You call Modi arrogant yet he did manage to bring the virus under control under what you call draconian restrictions. The restrictions had to be lifted at some point just as we have here. Will we have a similar rebound of the epidemic? Only time will tell. Some humility and journalistic standards would not be out place for the Guardian.
Nitin Mehta

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