Reply to an article in the Daily Mail sent to the writer.

Dear Editor
David Jones article(The monstrous monument to Narendra Modi’s ego, 5 May 2021) is a mighty winge and a case of sour grapes at what he sees as a removal of a great British monument. India’s current parliament goes back to the time of Independence 73 years ago. It is not fit for purpose and cannot accommodate the large number of MPS representing the world’s largest democracy. The planning application went through all the regulations and even a scrutiny by the Supreme Court of India which has given it the green light. Modi’s so called vainglorious project is in fact a perfectly legitimate undertaking which will be a showcase for the world’s largest democracy. David then turns his attention to the current pandemic in India and liberally uses emotive words like burning funeral pyres and hellish scenes. There is a collective amnesia amongst British journalists like David of the horrific pandemic we had here in the UK. India’s death rate from the pandemic is still lower per population than the UK. We too had a near collapse of the Health system, there were bodies queuing for burials. In some cases the elderly were denied the care they needed. Was our expenditure on the health service abysmal? Should we shelve plans for a modernising of our parliament? David finds support in sculptor Amish Kapoor, a known sympathiser of the Lytyens that David mentions. Lastly David in a statement worthy of a colonialist doubts whether the wretched labourers working to build the new parliament are paid at all. Yes it might be slave labour David just as it might have been during colonial times. Modern India has expunged slavery of their colonial masters David. If Britain is to have a foothold in a country which is predicted to be the world’s largest economy the likes of David will have to take a new avatar!
Nitin Mehta

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