Dear Rajat Khosla
Your article in today’s Guardian ( 2 October 2020 ) is short on facts which is a pity and a sad reflection on Amnesty. The government of India had asked for the sources of the huge amount of money that was coming to Amnesty International. Your account reports were not being made available.nYou failed to comply with the new Government requirements for NGOS receiving money from abroad. You mention Delhi riots and blame the police just because they have unrevelled a huge conspiracy by anti national forces to create chaos at the time when President Trump was visiting the country. Your narrative to blame Hindus shows how Amnesty works. You use emotive words like minorities hunted down the streets and demonized by the government again shows that you have a ideological bias against the ruling party. You mention that you fight with equal passion for Hindus of Pakistan. Really? Never heard Amnesty taking any major steps in this field.
Amnesty has lost the goodwill of the people of India as they know that
even if India was as good as Belgium where your headquarters is, you would still be sledging India because of your ideological bias towards BJP. Anyway Amnesty does not have to be India to report a continuous barrage of anti India sentiments. You can do it from Belgium. Covid 19 has taught us that you can do a lot from home.

Nitin Mehta

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