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In his article Anish Kapoor(Modis bulldozing of parliament shows him the  architect of a Hind Taliban, 4 June 2021) confirms that he is consumed by the hatred of democratically elected leader of  the  world’s largest democracy. The current parliament has been used since the independence of India 73 years ago. It cannot meet the requirements of the parliament today and was long overdue for an overhaul. The proposed plans have gone through close scrutiny and approved by the supreme court of India which is a fiercely independent body. To call a national party fascist and and Modi a Hindu Taliban is like calling Boris Johnson a Christian Taliban. It is absurd and betrays his own extreme views. A favourite gripe of Anish and his fellow travelers is that in the midst of Covid, Modi is pressing ahead with the project when millions are suffering. Does a nation stop any activity when a calamity strikes? Will Anis ask the proposed plans to modernise our parliament to be scrapped because we are in for long term austerity measures due to the huge debts we have accumulated?   Indian’s know that Anish types can roar as much as they like, they are  considered irrelevant and insignificant in the great scheme of things.

Nitin Mehta, 5 June 2021

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