On Monday 15 March 2021 the House of Lords repeated what the House of Commons had done earlier which is to condemn India and the so-called loss of freedom in the country. One Lord said that up to now India had followed a democratic path which the British left in India! However India was now increasingly dictatorial our Lords observed. The departure of Amnesty International was given as an example of creeping failure of democracy. There was no one to mention that Amnesty had failed to declare its accounts and follow government guidelines for foreign NGOs. Not a single Indian Lord was there to present an alternative argument. Where were Lord Bilimora, Lord Popat, Lord Dholakia, Lord Ramy Ranger, Lord Swaraj Paul, Lord Desai and many more. India gives all these Lords great respect and accolades. Why do they never utter a single word for their mother country which never fails to honour them? .
Nitin Mehta

Published in the Asian Voice, March 2021

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