A major survey by Pew Research Trust on India has published a report a few days ago: Religion in India, Segregation and Tolerance’
It is written in a seemingly unbiased way but a closer study shows it is trying to highlight what it calls the Hindu Nationalist position. It claims BJP is driven by this agenda.
1 It claims that 64% of Hindus believe that to be truly Indian you should be Hindu.
2 It claims that 80% Hindus also believe that it is very important to speak Hindi to be truly Indian.(This is obviously a ruse to create the North /South divide.)
3 Hindus who believe that you cannot be Hindu if you ate meat are also linked to Hindu Nationalists!
4 People in the South differ from the people of the North on religion, politics and identity.
5 People in the South are less religious! Something no one believes!
6 Religion is not the only fault line in India. Caste is a big issue because of the Hindu practice of untouchability!
7 Conversion is NOT of major significance as Hindus make up 82% of India!
8 Hindu mobs demolished a mosque in Ajodhya in 1992.
9 Most Hindus do not want inter caste marriages!

So inside this very long survey which tries to convey the message that it is a non biased scientific research, the above statements are cleverly placed.
Who are the people running the Pew Research Centre?

Well it based in Washington, US. The word Pew means those long benches that people sit on in the Church. Pew is partly funded by the Templeton Foundation whose founder Sir John Templeton was a Presbyterian Christian. It gave its first religious award to Mother Teresa, a prize money of $85000.
Templeton Foundation has been criticised for undertaking Christian oriented research.
Nitin Mehta
2 July 2021.

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