Dear Emma and Lora
I am surprised that you are recommending European style factory farming in Uganda. Uganda has one of the most fertile soils and it produces an abundance of nutritious crops to fight the problem of malnutrition. Young children need more calories than protein which the staple food of Uganda the Matokee provides. One serving of Matokee (green bananas)has the same amount of energy calories as a cup of chopped up roasted chicken. Maize, another crop abundantly available in Uganda, is highly nutritious. Indeed in Kenya, Ugali made of maize flour is a staple food. Porridge made of maize is fed to infants. Beans and lentils are a great source of protein. Cassava, another crop of Uganda, is calorie rich and a good source of Iron.
Factory farming will devastate Uganda’s green pastures and consume a huge amount of water and crops which would feed human beings. The animal waste and blood will seep into the fertile soil and the waterways causing pollution and disease. The Western countries will make a huge amount of profit selling the machinery needed to process tens of thousands of animals. You only have to look at the poor South American countries which have been devastated by the production of Soya to feed the cows reared for meat. The use of pesticides has destroyed the birds and bees which are so essential to the ecological survival of countries. Diseases like cancer and asthma are common amongst the communities producing the Soya.
Meat is expensive to produce. In the West billions of pounds of subsidies keeps the price of meat low. The real cost of a beef burger is $100 but subsidies bring the price down to a few dollars. How will a poor country like Uganda give the subsidies? The absence of subsidies will mean that only the rich will be able to consume the meat which completely neutralises your aim of eradicating malnutrition amongst the poor. Factory farming will destroy the beautiful greenery of Uganda and will also threaten the wildlife of the country. The Gorillas and other animals need the greenery and forests to survive.
Please do not mislead people and drop them in a trap that will ruin them.
Nitin Mehta
9 September 2021

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