The Biggest Threat to the State of Hindu majority India is the talk of Akhand Bharat.

Those talking of Akhand Bharat with the best of intentions could go down in History as destroyers of the modern day Hindu majority India. Events after events in India are showing that Hindus are already facing significant challenges from minority religions, secularists, the media and left wing political ideologies. With a combination of Muslim population of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh the total would be 600 million as opposed to 205 million at present. In an Akhand Bharat there would be a free movement of people and that means the demographics of present day India would change significantly. The voting patterns would change, there would be a huge number of demands from people arriving into present India from Akhand Bharat. India would see nothing but chaos and a return to anarchy.
The Sangh Parivar emphasizes nationalism over religious or other leanings. Pakistan has not had a stable government ever since independence and there are deep ethnic and religious divides in the country. These problems would fall in the laps of Akhand Bharat. Even after the liberation of Bangladesh the message was sent very quickly to the Indian army to go back home. There was no interest in Akhand Bharat amongst the Bangladeshis. The current struggles going on in Balochistan should not be interpreted as a pro-India nationalistic arising. If Balochistan does attain independence it will soon declare itself as a separate nation not part of Akhand Bharat. Akhand Bharat would drag India into civil strife, economic collapse and potentially break up of India as we know today. The Kashmiri Hindus were brutally ethnically cleansed from Kashmir even though Kashmir is under Indian rule. Could you imagine the Indian Jawans having to protect the borders of Akhand Bharat from the Khyber Pass? The population of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh has been decimated and they continue to face extreme persecution. It really is a fantastical claim to make that there will be an Akhand Bharat in 15 years. The concept of Akhand Bharat assumes that people will switch alliances from a religious based identity to a nationalistic based identity. Nations rise and fall over the course of time. India fell and was enslaved for Centuries but it started with what was present India and it has done tremendously well against extreme odds. It has to continue in its journey of progress without thinking of Akhand Bharat. We have a huge country as it is and a wrong move could destroy all our gains and endanger the Hindu majority of India.
The Sangh Parivar further alienates Hindus by insisting Sikhs, Jains ,Buddhists are Hindus At a meeting in London with the Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagvatji. I had argued that we should all be referred to as Bharatiya with a common heritage. The Sangh Parivar has done yeoman’s service to Mother India but it would be a great disservice to the future of our Motherland to keep quiet on this occasion.
Nitin Mehta


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