Dear Charu Sudan

Your article in the Guardian(31 May 2022) is an attempt to build up hatred against Hindus. How quick you are to adopt the newly fashionable American concept of the ‘great replacement theory’ and apply it to the Hindus of India. But borrowing
ideas from the West is quite common from you and your fellow travellers. In this case the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which sponsors the so-called Global Development column in the Guardian for whom you wrote this article. You quote the Pew Research organisation to back up your prejudicial views. Using statistics from others especially from the US or Europe is a trait of journalists like you. Pew Research is another set up which in the guise of producing data uses it to target India negatively. A picture is added in your article titled, ‘shoot them’ with a caption saying, ‘Indian state accused of murdering Muslims and Dalit’s’. Your desperation or the desperation of the Guardian is evident as you and your fellow like minded journalists bring in Dalit’s at every opportunity. It would be nice to add Dalit’s to the list of whom Hindus hate, would it not? Your frustration is that it is not working. After all the president of India is a Dalit. Keep writing to please your sponsors it won’t impact India as you yourself mention Indian’s are not prepared to oblige unwanted
statisticians and research analysts from foreign organisations!
Nitin Mehta

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