Mehta’s book glorifies India and celebrates the real India

(L-R) Nitin Mehta presenting his book to the Indian High Commissioner, Dinesh K. Patnaik in London.

London is fortunate to have such an altruist within its Indian diaspora, born in Kenya Nitin Mehta enjoyed a thoroughly Indian childhood but he did not visit India until he was eight years old, then he fell immediately in love with his heritage. His pocket sized paperback book “INDIA- a civilisation the world fails to recognise” summarising Indian intellect over about 3 million years, was published in September. It is a comprehensive reminder of “the real India” and how Indian culture has hundreds of deeper levels that western culture; it also disparages those who report negative inaccuracies.

Following a foreword by Maneka Ghandi, a fellow animalwelfare friend, there are admiring quotes and qualifications about India’s importance and ingenuity from a cornucopia of philosophers, mathematicians, astrologers, politicians and literary greats spanning the last two millennia and the globe. Less well known Indian connections are demonstrated across time and distance, a 4,000 year old Vishnu statue was discovered in the Russian Village of Staraya Maina and in ancient India literature Russia is referred to as land of the Rishis (hence Russia). Mehta explains the true origins/meaning of Aryan people and their reach from Iran to Egypt, from Asia to Europe (and how Russian, Greek and German languages all have Sanskrit affiliations), contemporarily there are thriving Indian diasporas fitting in over the world, thanks to their highly enlightened philosophy of living.

After a journey through the arts of India, Mehta comes to the colonial wars of the C18th and how Indian heritage was distorted with perpetual misapprehension consequences to this day; he explains how India is indomitable,as the chapters on the Indian Renaissance and Indian contributions to the modern world make clear.

Mehta came to Britain following Kenya’s Independence in 1964 as for the Indian community who held British passports there were no jobs; Mehta arrived in UK in 1973 to start a new successful motor parts business.Mehta has not stood still since, the founderof the Young Indian Vegetarians movement and website, he has also been active in the Vegetarian Society UK promoting recipes, compassion in animal welfare and supporting animal sanctuaries, his email address is @animalahimsa. In 1999 he received an MBE for services to the broader local community, in 2002 the Mayor of London recognised his significant contribution to the City of London — the Metropolitan police has submitted his name to honour his support for their multi-cultural efforts. In 2006 The Asian Voice acknowledged his services to the Gujarati language and vegetarianism with an award. The International Friendship Society presented him with The Glory of India award in 2008 for his work promoting Indian culture in the UK. Most recently in 2012 he received the Night Watch Charity award for volunteering to help to provide food for the homeless of Croydon in south London every night. Quite honestly London is lucky to have him in our community.

Mehta is a proper Jain dharmic but not a silent devoted patriot, his book is not only a reminder of India’s past greatness and future innovative, economic, scientific and academic potential but a poke at those who have adopted a negative western influenced outlook towards India, de-facto defectors of Sanatan Dharma and Ahimsa.

Mehta came to Britain following Kenya’s independence in 1964 as for the Indian community who held British passports there were no jobs; Mehta arrived in UK in 1973 to start a new successful motor parts business.

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