Priority Earth

The Human Race sits on a precipice. It is now time for each one of us to act. If the planet is not reinvigorated and replenished we, our children and grandchildren face an apocalypse. We want individuals, businesses, corporate bodies, schools, colleges, universities and every institution to sign up and adopt the Priority Earth manifesto. All those who pledge to adopt at least ten of the principles we have listed will be given the free use of our Logo. In the first instance we are looking for partners to take ownership of this project. So we request faith organisations, celebrities and political leaders, ecological groups, animal rights/welfare groups, plant based campaign groups, multinational companies from all over the world to sign up to our manifesto. Once you are on board, you will be expected to sign up as many individuals and institutions as possible. Let us start now. Later in the year we plan to organise a massive rally in London to officially launch the project.

Please pledge to work on at least ten of the objectives listed above. Once you do that you will receive the Priority Earth Logo for use by you as an individual or any institution.

The Manifesto

  • All multinational companies and conglomerates should adopt the principle of Priority Earth first. Their every action should be centered on this principle.
  • The destruction of the Rainforests should be stopped straight away. In return for stopping the destruction of the forests, countries which are home to these forests should be given financial assistance and other incentives to become the guardians of these forests.
  • All new buildings should have Solar panels. Production of Petrol and Diesel vehicles should be prohibited.
  • All traditional arts and crafts as well as cottage industries should be revived.
  • The surviving traditional communities should be represented on all national and international forums so that with humility we can learn from them the art of protecting Mother Earth.
  • All export of weapons of war should be stopped. It might earn nations money but it is blood money which will never bring any joy.
  • There should be a complete overhaul of the Education system. The emphasis should shift from pursuance of gross materialism to appreciating and preserving our planet.
  • Mankind will have to adopt a plant based diet. All children have empathy and sympathy for animals. This has to be nurtured by parents and the State. Future generations will wonder what pleasure we derived in eating animals.
  • In the developing world the flow of people from the villages to cities has to be stopped with utter urgency.
  • Ask yourself do you need that extra car, or extra clothes or extra properties?
  • Almost all nations should adopt a two children policy.
  • The Pharmaceutical companies and the medical world should open up to accommodate alternative practices like Yoga and Acupuncture. Ayurveda and other traditional practices should be integrated into the medical system.
  • Every town and village should have a mini forest or woodland in its border. Reviving the biodiversity of our planet is the need of the hour. Plant trees as often as possible.
  • Greta Thunberg, and other young people across the globe, are tirelessly fighting to awaken the nations of the world and mobilising hundreds and thousands of young people to act for our planet before it is too late. We need tens of thousands of Greta‚Äôs all over the world.
  • Prohibit the use of pesticides in agriculture. When birds disappear it is a sign of ecological catastrophe. Pesticides kill birds, insects, pollinating bees, ladybirds and earthworms.
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