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Sanskrit is known as the mother of Indo-European languages. In this blog I want to present to you examples of how this interplay of languages works. Once you dig a bit deeper in the meaning and pronunciation of English and Welsh words you will be surprised at the Sanskrit origins of them. I will start with the English words first.


Man – comes from Manu, the first human being according to Hinduism. 

Cough – is Kafa

Myth – is Mithya, so the word mythology is of Indian origin!

Mind – is Mun

Committee – is from Samiti

Sun – Surya

Nerve – Nara

Vest – Vastra

Voice – Vacha

Percentage – Pratishat

Cow – Gau

Royal – Raja

Calendar – Kaal ( Meaning time)

Mega – Maha,

Medium – Madhyam

Mix – Mishra

Snake – Sarpa/Serpent

Name – Naam

Anonymous – Anamika ( a person with no name. It can also mean a beautiful lady with no name)

War – Vaar

Better – Behtar

Nose – Naak,

Prayer – Prathna

Opal -Upal

Grass – Ghaas

Saint – Sant,

Bond – Bandhan

Umbrella – Amberella ( tree),

Minister – Mantri,

Smile – Smit

Accident – Accasmaat

Up – Uppar

Victory – Vijay


Cheetah – Chitra,

Praise – Prashansa,

Widow – Vidhwa

Character- Charitra (the first two letters in the word Character if pronounced Ch and not Ke is the give away)

Pedestrian – Padyatra

Cruel – Krur

New – Navu

Young – Yuva

Donation – Daan

Trigonometry – Trigunamiti

Naked – Nagna

Meat – Maans,

Holiday/Holy – Holi (from the ancient festival of Holi), this is my hunch!!

Door – Darwaja

Navy – Navka (Boat)

Dental – Danta,

Day – Dina

Palanquin – Palaki

Pepper – Pippali

Juggernaut – Jaganath ( When the Europeans first saw a huge chariot carrying Lord Jaganath, Lord Baladev and Sister Subhadra they pronounced it Juggernaut which now means a huge vehicle)

Arrogance – Ahankar (Pride)

Magician – Mayavi (one who can create an illusion)

Vicious/Poisonous – Vish

Immortal – Amaranth

Peter ( meaning stone in Hebrew) – Patthar

Orange – Naranj

Stanza – Sloka

Geometry – Jamiti,

Ignite-  Agni meaning fire.

Ruby-Rudra. It means blood which is the colour of Ruby-blood red.

Death – Dehant


In many English words the first letter ‘ A’ denotes ‘not’, for example an atheist is one who does not believe in God. In Sanskrit too ‘A’ denotes ‘not’ in many cases.The word Ahimsa means non-violence.

There are English words starting with the prefix ‘para’, like paranormal. It means out of ordinary. In Sanskrit too some words start with ‘para’, like para shakti, meaning out of ordinary.

In Denmark and Norway a huge number of names end with Sen. For example Andersen meaning ‘son of’.  Similarly, many names in India end with ‘sen’, like Bhimsen.

These are just a sample of words of Sanskrit origin in English. They do not include the hundreds of modern Sanskrit words incorporated in the English language, such as guru, karma and mantra.


Sanskrit words in Welsh

Cumra ( Man like Welshman) – Kumar

Daear ( Earth) – Dhara

Reich – Raj

Geni ( to be born) – Janam

Maen (a gem) – Mani

Marw ( to die) – Mara

Mawr (great, big ) – Maha

Prad (Earth) – Prithvi

Rhen (the Lord) – Rajan

Rhian (lady) – Rani

The Welsh and Indian accents are very similar! It is a complete mystery as to why two cultures so far apart have a common style of speaking!


Revival of Sanskrit.

Around 34 countries teach Sanskrit in their universities. In the USA, 36 universities teach Sanskrit, including John Hopkins and Harvard. In Germany, 14 universities teach Sanskrit as well as many schools.

Along with yoga and a plant-based vegetarian and vegan diet, Sanskrit will be another one of India’s gift to the world. Parents should give their children Sanskrit origin names. It should be introduced in schools. Sanskrit helps immensely to develop cerebral dexterity through its phonetics.  Pupils will also be able to learn other languages easily and it will help them grow into considerate human beings.

As a fun exercise find out whether your name is of Sanskrit origin and what it means!


Nitin Mehta

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