Dear Editor

I was surprised to hear that Lord Meghnad Desai has resigned from the Labour Party in protest against the racism faced by the Jewish community members of the organisation. It was well known to all that over the last two years under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn the targeting of the Jewish members of the party was intense. Why did Lord Desai not resign then? Did he raise his voice against what was going on at the time? Under the present Labour leader Keir Starmer there is zero tolerance of racism towards the Jewish members. The gravity and the urgency of the matter has passed so Lord Desai’s resignation now is irrelevant to the problem. Lord Desai will now sit in the Lord’a as an independent which for him is an advantage as it means that he does not  have to listen to the very party that made him the Lord. In its present form the Lords has become an embarrassment to British democracy. People who make large donations are made Lords by all the main political parties. Just by showing up they get paid £300 a day along with subsidised canteen and other privileges. The Lord’s of Indian origin have also used their position to criticise India at every opportunity and never spoke up for India on any issue. They have also supported anti Hindu groups by voting for Caste legislation.  They should now give up their seats in the Lords and move on.

In contrast it is really nice to see the new generation of Hindu politicians like Rishi Sunak and Priti Patel who hold high positions in the government and are actually making a difference. They do not see the need to constantly please their peers. Rishi Sunak lighting the Diwali lamps outside 11 Downing Street sent a symbolic message which our older generation of politicians could not even dream of. 

Nitin Mehta

5 December 2020

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