BBC 4 presented a Documentary called,

‘The Treasures of the Indus’

by Sonal Datta.

Submitted by Nitin Mehta,  on Wed, 16/09/2015 

Dr. Sonal Datta created the impression that India had no history beyond Lord Buddha, 2600 years ago. She talked about the Buddhist influence and the Mughal influence and the Greek influence on India. Not a mention of the Hindu civilization dating back tens of thousands of years. Not a word of Sanskrit. In one scene she is shown a ring worn by the Hindu King Porus who fought and defeated the Greeks. She could not acknowledge that he was a Hindu king. In the last documentary she talks of the Hindu Chola dynasty but nothing of their ancient history and heritage. In short she created the impression that if Hindus claim to have any history beyond 2600 years it was  totally untrue! Please do your research before you sanction such a biased documentary.

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