Reply to an editorial in the The Times.

Dear Editor
Your editorial(The Times view on India’s Twitter threat: Modi Brought low,7 June 2021) warns prime minister Modi not to use strong arm tactics as his popularity ratings drop due to the Covid situation. Our own mishaps with Covid here in the UK confirms that this pandemic is a tough nut to crack. Modi remains the only trusted leader who has brought about great progress for all Indian’s irrespective of their background. The editorial claims that Modi lost the recent election in West Bengal. The fact is that the BJP hardly had any presence in the state. It has gone on to win a phenomenal 75 seats. India guarantees freedom of expression but that does not mean there can be no limits to what is expressed. Twitter has over a thousand handles calling for the break up of India, to destabilize and to create chaos. The Supreme Court of India has asked Twitter to abide by the laws of the country endorsing the idea that the unity of India is non-negotiable. Incidentally Twitter has also fallen out of favour with Nigeria. India has been a vibrant democracy ever since independence 73 years ago. It is a bit tiresome to continuously hear of its imminent death. For the vast majority of Indian’s the continuous snipping is tiresome and a feeling that the days when they took orders and lessons from others are far gone.
Nitin Mehta.

7 June 2021

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