Enjoyed reading Kathrine Viner’s comprehensive report on the eve of the Guardians 200th birthday(Times change but Guardians values don’t). As Kathrine says that the readership is no longer the liberals of Manchester, it is now national and international. She adds that Guardian reporting is about connecting, empathizing , listening and being open to different points of view. Arundhati Roy is quoted as an example of how politicians are exposed in this case  the current leadership in India.  Arundhati has been a vocal critic of India irrespective of who was in power in India. She is driven by a certain ideology and has been in sympathy with the Maoist terrorist groups operating India. To be truly open to different points of view the Guardian needs to give voice to an alternative view on India. Almost every week articles appear in the Guardian condemning India. It is portrayed as oppressive, intolerant and autocratic. India is a complex country and the Guardian should be vary of succumbing to the desire to give a stamp of approval to writers driven by their own agendas. The Guardian can fall prey to journalists who have scant respect for journalistic standards. The Guardian should publish letters challenging a stereotype image of India. After all India is the largest democracy surrounded by countries where there is no freedom. The Guardian needs to look at India  with a fresh pair of eyes. A balanced worldview will attract a huge number of new readers from a country that has the largest number of English speakers.

Nitin Mehta

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