Dear Editor
Your sport correspondent Jonathan Liew’s article (India protests highlights uncomfortable links between cricket and establishment) is very much out of depth with reality and parsimonious with facts. It is obvious politics is not his forte.
He calls the farmers strike as the biggest mass protest in human history. A cursory look at history will show that there have been bigger strikes, not least the general strike of 1926 here in the UK. He says the Indian government has responded with violence and arrests of the strikers. It was the strikers who turned violent on 26 January when Indian’s were celebrating their republic day. Unarmed police were attacked with sticks and swords. Policemen and women had to jump off a cliff to proiect their lives. Jonathan does not mind tweets of support for the farmers from Rihanna and Greta Thumberg who by th way accidentally tweeted a tool kit detailing a plan to sabotage the Indian independence day celebrations with mass violence.Jonathan then takes a long jump(pardon the pun) and takes offence regarding some Indian cricket stars’ tweets objecting to foreign celebrities taking sides on an India issue of which they have little knowledge. He goes on to make a fake claim that cricket in India is, ‘for greater or lesser extent felt like an arm of Indian establishment’! He could have paused and thought why then did not the whole cricketing fraternity speak out against foreign celebrities who expressed their support for the striking farmers. The difference perhaps is that Jonathan is a novice when it comes to politics and should stick to sports.
Nitin Mehta

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