In the Times dated 12 November 2022 the following incredible story was published. There were many negative comments. 

Srichand Hinduja, who has been diagnosed with dementia, was admitted to hospital in March last year. Despite being told by a consultant that he had “only a very short time to live”, he had “confounded his doctors”, the judge said. Mr Justice Hayden revealed that he had at one stage concluded that Srichand Hinduja should leave hospital. 

However, despite the “extraordinary scope and reach of their financial capacity”, his relatives had not found him private accommodation, the judge said — prompting him to consider placing the billionaire in a public nursing home.

Here are my comments that were published:

Hinduja group employs over 200,000 people all over the world. Hinduja Global Solutions UK created 565 jobs in Northern Ireland recently. They have introduced the first fully electric buses in London. Family businesses run by brothers hit trouble when the new generation of Cousins grow up. Before getting to that stage the brothers should separate. Non domestic status by which the rich avoid paying taxes is a loophole the government should plug. As long as it is there people will take advantage.

Nitin Mehta

The report concluded that the brothers claimed that they had, ‘made up’ and issues resolved. 

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