In the Times dated 31 August 2023 there, is an article of Chinese military build up around Ladakh. There were some comments about India should not expect the help of the West in case of Chinese attack as it had side with Russia in the Ukraine conflict. The following was my response published:

It is the West who needs India badly now. Only India can stop a land grabbing China. Without India China could easily occupy parts of Japan, Korea, Nepal, and then turn on the West. Sunak knows this and so does Biden. Regarding Ukraine India has not sided with Russia. It wants both sides to sit down and talk peace. Had Ukraine not agreed to put missiles on Russia’s border and had US and the West not egged on Ukraine to disturb the Russian Bear there would have been no war. We are hearing propaganda everyday of Ukraine winning but the fact is that it is being hammered. US and UK are sitting on the fence supplying Ukraine with war toys which won”t defeat the Russians. Meanwhile Ukraine is being reduced to a pulp. Ukraine leader is foolish. Even Biden did not think much of him and British foreign secretary told him that UK was not a supermarket supplier. India today is a powerful country and China will meet its match if it tries to take even an inch of Indian land.
Nitin Meht

29 August 2023.


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