Desperate Hannah of the Guardian is openly promoting hatred of Hindus

As she sees all her efforts to stoke the flames of inter-religious violence fail in India and as a Modi victory stares her in the face, Hannah has thrown caution to the wind and is pushing her agenda of Hindu hatred with full vigour.
In her latest article in the Guardian dated 20 May 2024, she targets Hindus by tagging them to an entirely different matter of Facebook and Instagram owner Meta’s failure to detect AI created adverts by an outfit called India Civil Watch International. ICWI is a Washington based organisation that has ‘expressed’ interest in protecting minority rights in India. Its revenue is $5 million. Hannah says these adverts targeted Muslims and went through Meta’s regulatory checks and were approved for publishing. Being very, ‘diligent’, ICWI withdrew their fake adverts quickly. This however was enough for Hannah to accuse Hindus of targeting Muslims. She claims that though the A1 created adverts were fake, they were very much like what Hindus do to Muslims. In reality nothing of the sort has happened during the current election. Hannah, it seems was desperate for some disturbance in the world’s largest election exercise. She quotes a Maen Hammad who accuses Meta of gladly taking money from hate mongers (Hindus).
This is a last throw of a dice from a feckless, desperate Hannah. She says Modi has pushed a Hindu first policy, which undermines minorities. Hannah must understand that India is a Hindu majority country, and Hindu values and ethos will prevail just as in UK Christian ethos prevail. Nobody is calling UK a Christian nationalist country.
A Modi win is a foregone conclusion. Hannah has another 5 years of frustration or a transfer to China.
Nitin Mehta
20 May 2024

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