This has been sent to Atul Dev.

On 16 May 2024 the above article appeared in the Guardian Long Read section on India’s Home Minister Amit Shah. It is written by Atul Dev, a Research Fellow at Columbia University. He formerly wrote for Caravan a rabidly anti-Hindu paper. 

He starts by claiming that a notorious gangster Sohrabuddin Sheikh was killed on the instructions of Shah in November 2005. Amit Shah was ordered  out of Gujarat while the investigation was going on. This is called Tadiapaar in Gujarati. He asserts that it means that Shah was a fugitive. Hoping that his English readers will not know the difference, Atul lied. Tadiapaar means expelled. Amit Shah was acquitted of all charges by the CBI. Atul in his article is trying to impress the Pulitzer Center which has given him a grant to write the article. The Pultizer organisation is described as Left of Center. It  gives annual Awards to journalists who write from a, ‘Liberal’ perspective only. 

Atul goes on to say that Shah is the embodiment of fear in India. He quotes his comrade Arundhati Roy who says many people do not want to talk about Shah. There are things about Shah that cannot be said, she moans.

Atul’s next salvo is the 2002 Gujarat Riots. No mention at all about the burning of Hindu pilgrims in a train prior to the riots. If he mentioned that it would result in a rejection of the Pultizer grant. Shah,he says, is a Kattar Hindu which he translated for his English readers as meaning violent fundamentalism.  Kattar means staunch. Another lie from Atul. The Indian Government, according to Atul, uses Israeli Spyware to target journalists and activists. The Supreme Court of India investigated the issue and was unable to prove the  charge. Half truths are the hallmark of dishonest, biased journalists like Atul and Hannah of the Guardian. 

Shah is gruff, says Atul, warming to his theme of demonising him. Shah wants to bring about a Citizenship Bill which will allow persecuted Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and  Buddhists from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to be granted Indian Citizenship. Atul cries foul that Muslims will be excluded. Atul’s Guardian readers will ask how you can let in Muslims if they are persecuted in their on Muslim countries. 

Atul goes on to describe how Shah revoked article 370 and took away the special status of Kashmir. Nothing again from Atul about how tens of thousands Hindus in Kashmir were driven out. For the likes of Atul, Hindu persecution is irrelevant.  

Next Atul lies to the Guardian readers by saying that a Rama temple has been built on the ruins of a demolished Mosque in Ayodhya. Not a word about the original temple on the site which had been destroyed by the Mughal invaders. Rama is a Hindu deity, Atul clarifies for his British readers 

Hindu mobs under the watch of Modi and Shah are terrorising Muslims, they want Hindu supremisam he says. Atul goes on overdrive here. He might think it is pleasing to Western Ears. He claims that though RSS members are supposed to remain celibate, Shah is married! Another ignorant comment by a Pultizer sponsored writer. 

Modi delegates all his dirty work to Shah who executes it with ruthlessness claims Atul. Shah indulges in extortion. He likes to scare people. He is the embodiment of fear. No one can stop him, he complains.  These are lies for which the Guardian should be sued for a huge amount of money. According to the former head of Amnesty International in India Aakar Patel, Shah has a fixed unsettling gaze! Amnesty International which pontificates about the downtrodden and the oppressed has been accused of Caste discrimination within its organisation and a toxic work environment.  

Atul should know that in the grand scheme of things he is irrelevant. He can please the anti-India Western press and get paid. India is a Hindu majority nation and Hindu values and ethos will prevail. It takes nothing away from the minorities. 

Nitin Mehta 

18 May 2024

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