I had to put this American in his place. I have sent this to Adrian Horton and asked her to pass it on to John Oliver.
Dear Adrian
Your review of John Oliver’s programme on Narendra Modi confirms that John is an ignorant, obnoxious individual who looks down upon other races.
The first allegations he makes of election irregularities and Muslim vote suppression has been rubbished by the Indian electorate. The opposition have gained ground although not a victory. No one is talking about electorate irregularities in India.
His charge of Modi’s, Hindu vision of India is irrelevant. India is a Hindu majority country and Hindu ethos and values will prevail. Just as in your country Christianity prevails.
Oliver goes on about Modi threatening democratic institutions. I thought it is the US where democratic institutions are threatened. The current scenario in US is critical for the country.
Oliver’s sarcastic comments about grain bags and bulldozers as Modi’s achievements are hollow as thousands of Americans defecate in the open and poverty is rampant in many states of US.
Using bulldozers on the homes of people who riot is better than the US record of death sentences meted out to criminals.
Oliver pompously says that asking a British person of what they would do about India brought many ideas not worth printing. Oliver should know that the times when US and UK bullied the world are long gone. India is a super power in the making.
Oliver should concentrate on his country which stands on the blood of Slave trade and wiping out of the Red Indians. Not forgetting the carpet bombing of Vietnam and a history of bloodshed unmatched in History. Adrian the Guardian for which you write also stands on ill-gotten gains from Slave trade. If it pricks your moral concious you should quit working for them.
Olivers concerns for India’s Muslims should also remind him of the random killing of black people that goes on in his country.
India does not need lectures from some small time TV presenter. You are irrelevant and full of self importance.
There are fears of civil war in the US. In contrast India has successfully conducted the world’s biggest election with over 600 million people taking part.
Adrian I hope you will have the decency to pass this onto Oliver so that he can learn some humility.
Nitin Mehta
5 June 2024

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