My reply to Alpa’s TV appearance condemning Hindus. It has been sent to Alpa and Aaron

[01/06, 15:36] Nitin Mehta: On 2nd June 2024 Alpa, whom I challenged at SOAS when she demonised Hindus in her talk has repeated her hate filled narrative in a television interview with a Channel called Novara Media. Novara Media calls itself a left wing media outlet. The interview was done by Aaron Bastani whose father is from Iran. 

Alpa starts by claiming that democracy in India is a sham. She asks what kind of democracy would jail a chief minister as has happened with Arvind Kejriwal.  No mention of the huge scam the minister has been involved in. No mention of how he ignored multiple summonses to appear before a court. Alpa proceeds to claim that Hindu nationalists led by extremist RSS want a Hindu nation. Hindus are the majority in India and their ethos and values must prevail. Just like in Alpa’s and Aaron’s UK Christian values prevail. Next Alpa alleges that Hindu mobs attack Muslims and even Christians. She repeats a blatant lie that Hindus destroyed a mosque in Ayodhya and built a temple. No mention that it took decades for the Hindus to prove to the supreme court of India that the mosque was actually built on a demolished Hindu temple. 

At this point Aaron brought up Akbar the Great who he claimed promoted tolerance. Mughal rule was responsible for the biggest persecution and mass killings of Hindus and destruction of thousands of temples. In another lie Alpa alleges that at the consecration ceremony of the temple in Ayodhya Modi dressed as a reincarnation of Lord Rama. Modi for Alpa is a Hindu strongman who is pure evil. He and the RSS glorify a mythical Hindu past. Hindus believe that India is the oldest democracy not Greece, complains Alpa. India or Bharat certainly is the oldest and living civilization in the world. They worship even trees and rocks, these Hindus, says Alpa. Yes we do Alpa. Our is not a Western civilisational model in which everything that comes in the way is destroyed. As a convert to Roman Catholicism Aaron must know of the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of South America by the Catholic missionaries. 

Alpa described the Caste system where the Brahmins are considered pure and the Dalits the lowest. Modi appointed a Dalit as the president of India and the present president is from a tribal community. The Dalit and Tribal communities know that the left wing inspired Alpa’s heroes are Maoist terrorists who have given nothing but terror to them. It is the BJP which has brought progress to them. Alpa goes  on to make a ridiculous claim that because India is a call centre hub the BJP has hackers who operate freely all over the world. She accuses BJP of pursuing crony capitalism and creating oligarchs. Alpa fails to acknowledge that the big corporate houses of India employ hundreds of thousands of people. They are the engine that has made India the fastest growing economy in the world. The UK too is pursuing crony capitalism with almost 50% of the wealth held by 10% of the oligarchs. The Lords and Dukes own most of the land in the country. Meanwhile tens of thousands of people rely on food handouts and tens of thousands of children get free school meals. The so-called leftists like Alpa will never talk about this inequality in the UK because they want to enjoy the perks of Capitalism but want Communism in India.

Alpa Shah’s book , ‘BK-16 and the search for democracy in India’ paints a rosy picture of people supporting a violent revolution and the imposition of a Maoist fascist state. These Maoists force

people to pay illegal taxes and terrorise the general public. India will not tolerate these fascists. 

India has just conducted the world’s biggest democratic exercise where over 60% of people have voted without fear or intimidation. Not a single person has died. 28 states, 8 federal territories, a voting booth every 2 kilometres. 15 million government employees were hired to travel by boat, foot or even horseback to get to the electorate. Only one state, Uttar Pradesh, has 200 million people, the same as the population of Brazil.

Alpa Shah and Aaron Bastani are voices of a discredited, redundant ideology. Modi is going to win with an overwhelming majority. Alpa has to find some other cause.  

Nitin Mehta

1 June 2024

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