Not satisfied with the Guardian’s jubilation on finding that Modi did not receive an outright majority one of their journalist by the name of Tom Burgis has joined the fray.

Tom writes that Modi’s fierce Hindu nationalism and Muslim bashing has not worked with the voters. Modi is not fierce about anything. He is simply giving  the Hindu majority its rightful place in a Hindu majority country. Just like Christianity in UK plays a major role in the life of the country. Indeed we have Bishops in the House of Lords and Christian service takes place in the momentous occasions of the state. No body says that the UK is a fiercely Christian nationalist country. 

Tom admits that India has a bigger economy than UK. Indian economy is also the fastest growing economy. However there is always a snide remark from almost all of Western media. Tom does this by adding that Modi’s crony capitalism has created billionaires. These billionaires have created millions of jobs and the House of Tata also owns the Jaguar company. Millions of people have come out of poverty since Modi became the PM.

Tom talks of inequality and quotes a guy called Thomas Pikkety who has calculated that India is more inequal now than at  the time of the Raj. This is a most preposterous claim which also justifies the colonisation of India. Nearly 10 million Indians died as a result of the loot of India. The Raj robbed India of 45 trillion dollars and this man has no shame in saying that India is more unequal now than at the time of the Raj. 

Meanwhile the UK too is pursuing crony capitalism.  There are more Oligarchs in UK than anywhere else. The Lords and Dukes own most of the land. Tens of thousands of people rely on free food handouts and thousands of children rely on free school meals. 10% of population own 50% of the wealth. 

The Guardian glosses over this gap between the rich and poor in the UK and diverts attention on to India.

In the grand scheme of things the Guardian is irrelevant. Get used to another 5 years of Modi Raj.

Nitin Mehta 


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