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The above article written in the Sunday Times by a well-known Hindu hater Kapil Komreddi is an example of all that is rotten in journalism.
Kapil starts by gloating that Modi has been humbled by the election results. By Kapil’s account one would be forgive to think that Modi had actually lost the election.
Modi has actually won a third term. Maybe the fact will dawn on people as they see Modi taking India to greater heights in the next 5 years. Meanwhile, frustrated dogs will never stop barking.
Kapil starts with the usual breast beating accompanied by crocodile tears accusing Modi of anti-Muslim hysteria. Not a single word of praise for the largest exercise in democracy which was free and fair. The likes of Kapil cannot acknowledge that because they are consumed by their hatred of Modi.
Kapil shamelessly repeats a lie that the Ayodhya Mosque was demolished by Hindus without acknowledging that it was the Mughal emperor who had destroyed the Rama temple in the first place.
So driven are the Kapil’s of the world by the hatred of Modi that they are continually chanting the Mantra that India is more unequal now than at the time of the Raj. It is a claim made by some outfit called’ World Inequality Lab’.
British policies caused over 100 million deaths in India. That is more than all famines in Soviet Union, Maoist China, and North China combined. There are few parallels in History to match this horror. The British Raj could see what was happening but did nothing.
The British did this by forcing India to export food even though there was famine in India. They destroyed India’s textile manufacturing sector. They taxed Indian’s and used the revenue to buy Indian products like Indigo, Grains, Cotton and Opium. In other words, they got it all free. The British Raj robbed India of 45 trillion dollars.
However, always ready to please his Western masters, Kapil repeats this canard that India is more unequal today than at the time of Raj. In fact Kapil is justifying the British Raj. He is sure to get many brownie points from his Western masters.
Kapil claims that this is the beginning of the end of Modi. Not for 5 years Kapil. Even your career Kapil may be the beginning of the end Kapil. It happens to everyone.
Nitin Mehta
11 June 2024
[email protected]

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