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August 20, 1999.

Similarity Between Mayans and Indians

NEW YORK: A closer look at the ancient Mayan civilization in Mexico reveals an amazing similarity with thoughts and beliefs that have flowed in India for thousands of years.

Nitin Mehta, a non-resident Indian from London, who recently visited the area in Mexico, told News India-Times from Burtonsville, Maryland: ” Like Hindus in India, the Mayan people believe that Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Wind (Vayu) and Fire (Agni) were the source of human life. They worship the Sun God (Surya), the Moon God (Chandra), and Rain God, (Indra) and many other gods and goddesses. Their temples also have images of elephants and other animals.”’

The ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization attracts thousands of tourists to Mexico and other Central American countries every year. ”The American continent never had elephants so the question remains as to how they were carved on their temples. The phallic symbol of Lord Shiva is also carved on most temples and they have also been found in many places throughout America,” Mehta said. Hindu scriptures mention the legendary enmity between serpents and eagles. Known as Garuda the eagle is also a carrier of Lord Vishnu. Mexicans have a similar legend of serpents and eagles.

”And surprisingly, the language of Mayans is very similar to the languages of the people of India. Also, the descendents of the Mayan people look very similar to Indian people. The physical features are very similar and those visiting Mexico will soon realize that they are mistaken for Mexicans! People ask you directions and assume that you know Spanish!

Mehta further argued:” In the Mahabharata there is mention of a tribe called Maya Nagas who were exiled. The word Maya is most probably of Sanskrit origin. The belief in Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, the belief on gods and goddesses and the importance placed on animals are all fundamental Hindu beliefs.

Anthropologists have recently come to the conclusion that people from the Indian subcontinent were among the first to arrive in the continent of America thousands of years ago.

”Could it be that the Mayan people were the Aryans of India who settled in different parts of the world? Looking into the present and the future is it not a strange fate that the followers ¬†of the same beliefs are now residing in their thousand in North America and they are building new temples?

Mehta said: ;”Knowing what we know of the enterprising skills of the Indian community, it is quite possible that there might be some if not many moving on to Central America and eventually temples will open, not far from the ancient temples of the Maya people!”.

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