In its editorial dated 17 March 2024 the Guardian continues its Jihad towards PM Narendra Modi. Modi, it says has weaponized the prosecutorial apparatus. Congress party accounts have been frozen and Delhi chief minister.
Arvind Kejrival has been jailed, it complains bitterly. No mention of tax avoidance by the Congress party or Kejrivals involvement in a huge Liquor Scam. Modi is bull dozing constitutional rights
and burnishing its reputation as the world’s largest democracy continues Guardian. No examples of what constitutional rights have been bulldozed. Lazy and weaponised journalism. Guardian thinks the voters are in a mood to surprise Modi and he has much to be insecure about. It shows how out of touch Guardian is with the realities of India. Guardian pronounces that modern India has never defined its identity in terms of religion or ethnicity. Well India is a Hindu majority country and Hindu ethos and values will prevail. It takes nothing away from the minorities. Just as the UK is very much a Christian country.
The Guardian sheds crocodile tears for India’s 200 million Musslims but does not dare to say anything about the Muslim persecution in China. India has millions of Christians too and Budhists, Baha’is, Syrian Christians and many other minorities. They live happily under Modi. Minorities have rights as well as responsibilities. A majority is not always wrong just because it is a majority. Minorities could also be in the wrong.
Finally contradicting its own editorial about voters being in a mood to surprise Modi, Guardian brings in Christophe Jaffrelot Professor of Indian Politics and Sociology at King’s College. He suggests India should have a mass movement against Modi. He backs this up with the new conspiracy that the Western media is pedalling. South India, they say, does not like Hinduism’s hierarchies. They might drift away from the North. And the pigs will fly! South Indians are as much Hindu if not more than the North. Christopher should know that the elite scientists of India hailing from the South took a model of Chandrayan to the Tirupati temple for god’s blessing before its successful landing on the Moon. As far as the new Indian under Modi is concerned the Guardian is an insignificant
Nitin Mehta
19 April 2024

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