Diamond Jubilee Celebration Speech

2nd June 2012

Dear Friends

On behalf of the Indian Cultural Centre I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to the Queen’s Gardens, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty the Queen has guided our nation steadfastly for the last 60 years. Starting from today we join the nation in a festive spirit to thank her majesty for all that she has done for our country. The Indian community is proud to be British. Her majesty was in Kenya when she was handed over the task of heading this island nation and the commonwealth countries. It was 6th February 1952 and Princess Elizabeth was in a Tree Tops hotel near Mt. Kenya. She was aged 25. The news came of the passing away of his father King George and the daunting responsibility of presiding over this nation fell on her shoulders.  Many of us here are from Kenya, so I will say some good wishes to her majesty in Swahili. Sisi vathu ya London na Omba mungu, nipa Queen Elizabeth mwaka mingi na Afya mazuri. Mungu Akupe BARAK . Asante Sana. I will now translate in English: O’ God , we the people of London pray that the Queen has a long life and good health. God bless her. Thank you.

Now we will all sing a song in Hindi. The song you all know is:

Baar, Baar ye Din Aye, Baar Baar dil ye Gaye, tu jiye hazaro saal ye meri he aarzoo,  happy diamond jubilee tu you, happy diamiond jubilee tu you, happy diamond jubilee her majesty the Queen!!

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