Will Gore talks about making small changes in our lives to protect the planet. One change which would really help is to adopt a plant-based vegetarian and vegan diet.

One of the biggest causes of global warming are the gasses released by animals raised for meat. Our planet is simply too small to sustain more than 80 billion animals raised for meat every year.

To meet the insatiable demand for cereals colossal amounts of chemicals are used which is destroying fertile land both in developed countries and poorer ones which are exporting crops to feed animals rather than feeding their citizens.

A huge amount of fresh water resources are being used up in the raising of these animals and the waste produced by them is polluting our rivers and oceans and creating dead zones where all life forms cease to exist.

Huge amount of forests including the Amazon have been cleared to meet the demand for beef in the US. Absence of forests means more floods and other forms of extreme climate occurrences.

A shift away from a meat-based diet to a plant-based vegetarian or vegan diet is paramount if we are to heal the planet and avoid a calamity. This is something every individual can do and become the change they want in the world.

Nitin Mehta

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