Letter published in the Economist May 18th 2019

The logistics of organising an election where almost a billion people will vote in this vast land is in itself worthy of praise by The Economist.  So far the elections have been conducted peacefully and in one case officers travelled days to reach a village where there was only one voter.

The people of India want a leader who is not corrupt and who will deliver peace and prosperity. Narendra Modi has provided that in the last five years. Bureaucracy has been trimmed, millions of people have come out of poverty, electricity has been provided to every village and town.  Mr. Modi however is not hiding the fact that the concerns of the vast majority of Hindu population should be taken into account while providing every opportunity to minorities. The left- leaning liberals cannot tolerate this.The Prime Minister promises to provide a strong, nationalist government which will no longer act weakly, instead putting the nations interest first. The Left-wing liberals and academics are stuck in an ideological prism that in reality brought no progress to the minorities they champion the cause of. Under Mr. Modi all Indians irrespective of their caste or creed, will be given the chance to progress. 

Nitin Mehta


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