Published in the Independent 11 August 2019 

The United Nations urging everyone to eat less meat is a mantra we have been hearing for a long time. It is designed to keep the meat industry happy and to placate the climate lobby. The stark reality though is that we are beyond the point of patching up the planet with half measures.

Around 75 billion animals are raised for meat; between 200 billion to one trillion fish are killed annually for human consumption. The message that needs to go out urgently is that mankind needs to return to a plant based diet if we are to avoid a catastrophe which will make this planet unhabitable for future generations. The vegan revolution going on at the moment is a ray of hope.

There are ethical reasons that we need to consider too. As a supposedly superior species do we need to carry out so much violence on the animal kingdom? Meat consumption and the resultant health crisis we are facing is well documented. It seems that for our overall wellbeing and to reinvigorate our planet will have to face the facts and be honest. There is no other solution for our dilemma except to eschew all animal products.

Nitin Mehta

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