Dear Editor, Guardian,
Suzanne Arundhati Roy (This is no ordinary spying—-27 July 2021) claims that 4 million people have died in India due to the Coronavirus. Over the years Suzanne Arundhati Roy has accused both the Congress party and the present ruling party of all kinds of atrocities which are invariably exaggerated and in many cases false. The outlandish figure of 4 million deaths is just another example of her cavalier attitude to facts on the ground. Her another claim that 95% of Indian’s remain unvaccinated is another absurd claim. No wonder she has lost all credibility in India. Regarding the Pegasus spyware the Indian government denies any tracking of individuals or organizations. Arundhati Roy asserts that, ‘ we must do everything we can to prise open their grip on power’. There is only one way to take the levers of power and that is by democratically winning elections. All other means can only mean a resort to violence and one would fear the survival of democracy if Arundhati Roy were to come in power.
Nitin Mehta
30 July 2021.

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