In the Sunday Times 24 March edition there in another article on India. This one is fairly accurate. The writer lists PM Modi’s many achievements. He also talks about the well oiled BJP election machine. However the article repeats the usual Muslim persecution story.

My response below was published in the comments page.

For those who go on about minorities please note that India is home to many persecuted minorities. The Zoroastrians escaping from Iran have lived in India for hundreds of years. Jewish people will tell you that India is one of the very few countries where they have faced no persecution. They have been in India for almost a thousand years. The persecuted Bahai’s have a beautiful temple in the centre of Delhi. The Tibetan Buddhists have been given a huge track of land to practice their religion freely. Recently, hundreds of Afghanistanis have settled in Delhi escaping the Taliban. However minorities have rights as well as obligations. A majority is not always wrong just because it is a majority. Minorities too can be bullies and unreasonable. Under Modi, the fruits of progress have gone to minorities as well. It is not too much to ask that the ethos and values of the majority be respected. Hindus are the majority, and their heritage will prevail just as in the UK the Christian Church plays a leading role in all the momentous events of the country. Nobody says UK is a Christian nationalist country.
Nitin Mehta

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