Nitin Mehta: A comical attack on Modi government by Hannah Petersen in the Guardian

Dated 28 March Hannah’s article has the heading, ‘Arvind Kejriwal jailed by Modi’s government’.

It really is comical because these claims are outright lies and an insult to the intelligence of Guardian readers. Hannah’s hatred of Hindus and PM Modi is getting more pronounced with every passing day. By her own admission Kejriwal had been sent more than 12 notices to appear before the investigating agency. Had he obliged he would not have been arrested. Hannah calls Kejriwal a long standing face of India’s anti-corruption movement. In the next breadth she says many of his early champions have left the party disillusioned. She also cracks a good joke by claiming that Kejriwal pampered to Hindu nationalists. Kejriwal and his top comrades are all in jail on corruption charges and the trail has led to Kejriwal himself. Modi has nothing to do with his downfall. Kejriwal is the architect of his own fall. Hannah should know that India is the world’s largest democracy and the festival of democracy is about to start for a population of 1.4 billion people. Hannah should just observe it and see how the logistics of getting to every citizen so that they can cast their vote is choreographed. Have a humble pie!   

Nitin Mehta

2 April 2024

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