Defending PM Rishi Sunak. 

The above article was published today’s 

Times (11 April 2024).

Here is my response to an article published in the Times on 11 April 2024. It was published in the comments section. 

Tom Peck is one of the media posse who are hell bent on demonising PM Sunak. Their objective is to get British people to remove the PM. He wrote a piece about Sunak’s recent LBC Radio interview. According to Tom when Sunak keeps repeating something enough times eventually you start to believe it. That is exactly what Tom and fellow journalists have been doing to Sunak for a long time. Tom’s comments like, ‘his face lit up like Oxford Street lights’ is full of arrogance and condescending. Further his comments that the caller, ‘poor Jerry was in no doubt what he had to do’ is full of assumption that the guy was not very intelligent and from a different Class. 

Lastly Tom further belittles Sunak by his comment attributed to Sunak: ‘Just shut up and vote for me you morons’. I suppose Tom wanted Sunak to say vote for Labour Party. People have short memories. After Liz Truss debacle, Sunak has brought inflation under control, sorted the Northern Ireland  Protocol issue, the Stormont assembly is working again, the economy is set to take off. Who does Tom think of as an alterative?

I wonder why there is such antipathy towards Sunak.

Nitin Mehta

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